Dr. Dominic Lo Kok Onn

Founder and Chief Research Officer

Founder of E-Synergy Graphene Research and inventor of the Infiniti Smart Cell. Dr. Lo has over 30 years experience in the electronic industry. Since 2008, Dr. Lo has concentrated his efforts on R&D, focusing on design & development of the Infiniti Smart Cell.

Dr. Lo holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electronic Engineering ,UK and a Master in Information Technology, UK. He also holds a PhD [CGPA:4] in Information Technology with Business Administration, US. Dr. Lo began his career with Hitachi Semiconductor as an engineer in DRAM/SRAM/Flash Memory department where he worked for five years before joining Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Singapore as a Failure Analysis/Test Dept. Manager in the Microprocessor Technology Department. After a fifteen year stint with AMD, he joined Siemens Optosemiconductor, Penang where he served as a Senior Director in the LED Technology Department for ten years. Dr. Lo has also worked as a contract weapons systems designer for an East Asian country in the last few years.

Dr Lo has wide experience in Product Failure Analysis, Microprocessor Wafer Fabrication Technology, Digital Multiplex on LED Technology and Superconductor Thermal Cooling Technology. He has conducted in-depth researched work in Infra Red & Thermal Mapping Technology, Electron Ion Beam Milling Technology, and Laser Micro-Sectioning Technology. Dr. Lo has presented papers at local and international symposiums/conferences, where his papers has won awards, such as First Runner Up Best Paper Award (1993) at the International Symposium on Physic and Failure Analysis for Integrated Circuits (IPFA) in Singapore, Best Technical Innovation Paper Awards at AMD’s US Technical Symposium in Austin and Siemens Technical Presentation in Frankfurt. In addition, Dr. Lo has also won several other Best Technical Papers Awards for Design & Innovation.

Chen Eng Kiat

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder of E-Synergy Graphene Research. Eng Kiat has over 25 years experience in business creation, development and management, team building, and marketing. He was the Regional Director of Conrad Jacobson Gruppe, a German pulp & paper trading group for over 20 years. Eng Kiat brings with him in-depth experience in international trade and extensive contacts with major newspapers from the region, from Indonesia to Taiwan as a result of his paper business.