The Graphene Energy Management System (GEMS)

By capturing more of the energy that comes from a vehicle braking system by using our proprietary graphene infused supercapacitors and suppressing the back electromotive force generated by the car’s motor.

Road tests using GEMS on EV vans shows that it can increase the vehicles range by 25%.

Challenges faced by EV car makers using Lithium based batteries
  • Lithium based batteries are heavy and bulky, have short life span, and are expensive to replace
  • They have low power density. The fast acceleration required in daily driving conditions require battery to provide high surge of energy which will shorten battery life
  • The most significant limitations of lithium batteries are slow charging and limited driving range. Without meaningful range and quick charging, cars can travel only intracity but not intercity
  • EV makers need to find solutions to add on to existing range
  • Battery Size/Weight/Capacity has reached a point of Diminishing Marginal Return, where by adding more battery will add on to total vehicle weight while yielding no additional range
  • There is no sight of new Battery types in the horizon to replace the various commonly used Lithium Batteries
  • The immediate solutions to alleviate these shortcomings do not entirely lie in the upgrading of battery technology. The problem can partly be solved by:
    • More efficient ways to overcome Moment of Inertia
    • Better capturing of Braking Kinetic Energy
    • Improvement of Load Efficiency
  • Our Graphene Energy Management System (GEMS) provides these immediate solutions.
  • Supercapacitor is far more superior and effective in capturing Regenerative Braking Energy/KERS
  • Dynamic and nanosecond algorithm control discharge of captured energy, to either load or reflow back the main battery tray
  • Capturing and reuse braking energy extends range by more than 25%
  • With high power density, supercapacitors can discharge stored energy in high momentarily ampere for vehicle to overcome moment of inertia. This helps protect and extend battery life.
  • All motors generate Back Electromotive Force (EMF)
  • 25-35% of energy is wasted to overcome Back EMF
  • GEMS uses proprietary Thruster Technology to suppress/reduce Back EMF
  • Effectively reducing 50-60% of Motor Back EMF
  • With suppressed Back EMF :
    • Increase in Motor efficiency
    • Reduce load, save battery power
    • Less power consumed
  • Extends range of EV